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Big H: What if someone has multiple identities?…🤨😐🤔hmmm… interesting…

October 15, 2019

Big H: I wrote this😜. However, I did not make THE BACKGROUND YELLOW. HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?!?!?! 🤯 Oh… I guess this is what happens when your mom is a computer genius. 🤔 BYEEEEEEE😜

September 25, 2019

Big H: Yum. L👀ks like 🍧🍨🍦Ice cream. Huh? They are roses🌹🌹? Hmm, that gives me something to think🤔 about. BYE ICE CREAM POSTER!!! bye peoples 👩👨 who are readings this.

September 5, 2019
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