About Us

About Us

dollhouse base

Hello, I am Kim a creator and a happy mother of two wonderful children!
I genuinely love papers. I collect different types of papers and I just cherish them. ♡
And I LOVE to be creative. Art and design has been my passion since I was young.

As a mom of a boy and a girl, my interest has been making learning paper toys for my precious children. I always use my kids’ favorite subject and I feel successful when I get to surprise them.

When my daughter started to learn spelling words, I created a labeled dollhouse to help her learning. My little daughter was very excited about making the dollhouse, and she came up with a lot of ideas using the simple cut & fold method. One day, she finished her sketchbook with her designs and gave me a long list of suggestions.

We love to talk about new design concepts. Sometimes, my daughter writes her ideas on a grocery receipt, sticky notes or whatever she can write on at the moment. The Paper Dolls & House themes are joint work of me and my daughter, and it continues to grow and expand.