Planners for bored kids

Planners for bored kids

Big H: Our current schedules have been ruined by the virus since we have to stay at home from school😢. So my brother and I have been very very bored and are starting to become lazy couch potatoes😑. I especially stay up late then wake up late😴. I don’t mind very much because I already being a lazy hyoomin wake up very late😐. However, I have decided to change my lazy ways and have taken up the challenge of perfectly following this new schedule🤗. (I may have cheated just a little bit by adding free time…😜😐) This is a really cute way of organizing your schedule, and even if you don’t follow it perfectly it still produces great results and good habits✨🤗🎉. Plus it’s free and not enough things are free in this world these days😛 😐 . I hope you enjoy this planner and I hope it produces just as good results as it did for me!🌺🍀Enjoy and Stay Safe! ~Big H🙂✨🦑🐙

little i: Stay safe and wear a DIY mask!

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