Paper DIY Fashion Dolls

Paper DIY Fashion Dolls

Big H: I first got my idea when one of my friends came over to play. After playing with dolls for a bit we decided to go upstairs and craft something because, why not? So I was all like “Yeah sure! Let’s go upstairs and paste random stuff that we like on a piece of paper! It’s not like it’s a total waste of perfectly fine paper!” So I was getting some pretty ribbons to attach to my piece of paper when I realized that it was in the shape of a dress. So I said “Why don’t we make a dress instead?’ and she had nothing against doing that so we made one. After she left I showed my dress to my mom and she was very impressed. The next day I made another dress with a different friend. But the next day I decided it was so fun I went back and made like 100 million of them (not really) and my mom got the idea to make a video. (Literally. She could look at stuffed animals zoom around on a robot vacuum and be like “What a great idea for a video!!!!) . BYE!!! -Big H😜😊 🙂 🙂

You can download the dolls and templates here: Fashion doll template (261 downloads)

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