How to make paper hot air balloons

How to make paper hot air balloons

Big H: Now first things first, I have never ridden a hot air balloon in my life and I never will. ( If I do I will have to spend at least ten seconds of my life updating this post. ) Now when we decided to make these I have no idea but I know for sure that we made these BEFORE the fashion dolls. BEFORE. How it ended up after the fashion dolls I have no idea but I am going to say this one last time… IT WAS BEFORE THE FASHION VIDEO!!!!! Okay, now I promise to stop freaking out. So you remember the beginning of the video right? (If you do not I DEMAND you to go back and watch it) Well if you remember the beginning you can also remember the peaceful music the hot air balloons gracefully swaying… let me tell you a secret, it was definitely not peaceful. My mom said that me and my brother had to take turns holding the balloons, and when it was his turn you could hear his pleas for help throughout the whole neighborhood. Bye!! – Big H 🙂 🙂 😜 🤣

You can download the template here: Paper hot air balloon (195 downloads)

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