DIY Mini Notebook

DIY Mini Notebook

We’re going to show how to make kawaii mini notebooks with one sheet of printer paper and a patterned cardstock paper. The notebooks were sold out at School Entrepreneur Day. 🙂

Big H: These were not the only notebooks made. We also drew cute faces on the notebooks. And do you remember the adorable little witch I made a potion book for? Strangely it has disappeared (Coincedence? Maybe not.). We actually made several of these before my mom thought “Why not make a video?” and I was like hey “Why not”? But my little brother was like “Pls nooooooo. Spare me!!!” And we kind of did. In a way. Okay. Actually? Not at all. Me and my mom were all like this is your project and you will help. No matter what. Unless he wanted to do the Ginormous Laundry Mountain, which BTW NO ONE wants to do. And I mean NO ONE. 🙂 Bye!!!!!-Big H also known as Narrator 1(none of this was written by little i)

little i: I am known as the 2nd speaker. (or an annoying and adorable munchkin.- Big H hehe)

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